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STALG (molding and production of technical rubber articles) was founded in 1967 as a small artisan company, today it is a technological reality known and established throughout the national territory through the creation of various products among which complex devices of individual protection, details used in the electro-medical and aerospace sectors.

Made in Italy products have an edge. It is not just Italian style that distinguishes us, but it is quality and manufacture that really makes the difference.

This is why it is important to enhance and enhance the identity of our products, and this is why the Made in Italy label is born, as a form of protection towards everything that our Bel Paese produces and as an incentive to rely on Italian materials, synonymous quality.

In fact, Italy is seen as a symbol of craftsmanship, quality and creative genius, a great opportunity to be exploited and highlighted even with the help of the appropriate brand that certifies its origin.



In its own mixing department, it produces over 200 types of natural rubbers (NR), synthetic rubbers (SBR), Neoprene (CR) etc .. using raw materials that offer the most extensive guarantees of quality and environmental impact.

The high technology achieved by STALG allows:

- print silicone articles (both compression and injection) in Viton and polyurethane;

- making gaskets, parts for individual protection devices (civil and military), trolley wheels, details with rubber-metal connections, anti-vibration mounts, medical items, products intended for the food industry;

- produce drawn drawn on drawings; make slabs / mats of various types and sizes

Our services

The production lines of STALG provide for the following divisions:

Compound Division

Currently the compound room, to continuously feed the production departments, has a closed mixer and three open.
The mixing division is supported by an internal laboratory for the control and chemical-physical testing of the compounds.

Molding Division

In the area dedicated to molding are used: compression, injection and columnless presses
The presses can print articles of various types and shapes but with the maximum size limit of mm. 1000 x 1200.

Wire drawing division

The drawing department, supported by an autoclave vulcanization system (horizontal and / or vertical) with steam or hot air, is able to realize any type of figure.


Articles and Production

The sheets and the rubber mats, made by STALG, are born to meet the needs of industrial and civil markets.

Depending on the explicit and implicit needs of the various customers, STALG is able to suggest the most suitable elastomer for use; the choice, suggested, will take into account factors such as:

- place where the product (usually in the form of a floor) will be applied;
- chemical, physical, mechanical and atmospheric agents to which it will be subjected;
- anti-slip properties;
- fireproof properties;
- anti-allergy properties;
- characteristics related to cleaning and maintenance;
- aesthetic characteristics.

STALG is always willing to collaborate in solving special cases and responding to specific needs highlighted on technical specifications.

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STALG DI V. PALLOTTA by Roberto Pallotta
Via di Cervara 186 - 00155 Rome
Telephone +39 062294435 r.a.
Fax: +39 062294436
e-mail: info@stalg.com

VAT Number : 12109671003 - Fiscal Code : PLLRRT46P04H501F

General Manager: Roberto Pallotta

Sales Manager: Alessandro Pallotta

Quality Manager: Fabrizio Pallotta

Administration: Lina Blasi